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Marine Anti-Fouling

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Teamac Tropical Killa Antifouling contains cuprous oxide to give good antifouling performance. Designed for vessels with a max speed of 20 knots.
H.S.E Approval No. 8394

Recommended Uses

Teamac Tropical Killa Antifouling is used as an antifouling for the underwater areas of vessels or underwater structures. Suitable for domestic and commercial vessels with steel, wood, or GRP hulls. Do not use on Aluminium vessels

Surface Preparation

DO NOT USE ON ALUMINIUM VESSELS. Bare Surfaces: On exposed metal and wood, prime first with at least 2 coats of Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer (but not more than 3). On GRP lightly abrade exposed surfaces and apply 2 coats of Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer.

New Steel: Abrasive blast clean to Sa2½ and apply Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer. If applying onto shop-primed steel ensure that surface is dry and clean, and areas of damaged primer are suitably cleaned prior to the application of the Metaclor.
Maintenance: Remove all loose and damaged existing coating, and all marine growth. High pressure wash with fresh water. Areas of breakdown should be blasted or power tool cleaned. Touch up with Metaclor Primer to the full existing film thickness. Prior to the application of the full coat ensure that surface is clean and free of all contaminates.

Preceding Coat 


Subsequent Coat 

Applications Special Conditions: Application by spray is permitted but  is intended to be by professionals.
Users must comply fully with all their legal responsibilities under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended), including complying with all conditions of approval. H.S.E. Approval No 8394.
Please read data sheets carefully prior to application.

Teamac Tropical Killa Anti-Fouling

An economical anti-fouling offering good performance and protection

Provides a scrubbable surface for seasonal protection

Suitable for domestic and commercial craft max speed 20 knots

Good compatibility


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