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Permanent Road Studs

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Reflecting Road Stud

The 3M 290 Road stud is a high performance, permanent, surface mounted, reflecting road stud. 3M has combined innovative technologies, including advanced optical design, hard ceramer coatings and computer-aided construction design, to produce a highly reflective, long lasting road stud which has proven itself in many countries throughout the world.

Application / Suitability

The 290 stud is extremely versatile – it is suitable for use in any position, on all road surfaces. The studs are designed to be applied directly onto the road surface using 3M approved hot melt bitumen adhesive. They are also available in various colour combinations.

Effective Performance Life

Whilst the longevity of 3M 290 road studs will depend on the environment and volume of traffic, they have been specifically designed for today's heavily used roads and motorways.
Product Construction / Specification
3M 290 road studs are manufactured from a high impact resistant polycarbonate resin. They incorporate an inner ribbed contour which is shaped to dissipate tyre impact, increase strength and reduce damage. The tough polycarbonate microprismatic reflective lens is coated with a ceramer abrasion-resistant coating which offers excellent reflectivity and visibility in all weather conditions and has achieved the highest ratings for night time visibility in BS EN 1463.

Application Surface

290 studs are suitable for application to new asphalt and concrete road surfaces and existing asphalt road surfaces.

301 Casting

The 3M 290 is also compatible with the established Roadcraft/Fleming 301 metal casting, creating an innovative and robust embedded non-depressible road stud. Combined, these products are designed to provide excellent long life performance in all weather conditions and on all roads, including those with very high levels of traffic.  
The 290/301 road stud is easily installed using traditional vertical milling equipment and is supplied complete with the reflector already fitted
For more information or to place an order for our 301 castings please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 01934 825850.

3M 290 Surface Mounted Reflecting Road Stud

The 3M 290 Road stud is a high performance, permanent, surface mounted, reflecting road stud

The inner-ribbed contours of the stud is shaped to dissipate tyre impact, increase strength, reduce damage and holds up longer on today’s heavily trafficked roads and motorways

Moulded into its superior body design, finger grips aid the application process

The 3M 290 stud is lightweight and is applied with hot melt bitumen adhesive

For large quantities please phone the office on 01934 825850


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