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Anti Graffiti Paint

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Graffiti Magic Non Darkening Sealer is a clear, water based primer sealer for use on porous substrates prior to the application of Graffiti Magic. This applies where application directly onto the substrate would result in the ‘wetting out’ or darkening of the surface.

Use of Non Darkening Sealer helps to prevent or minimise any change in the appearance of the coated surface. It can also be used to seal very porous substrates to improve the spread rate of the Graffiti Magic protective coating.

Non Darkening sealer can be applied onto a wide variety of porous surfaces (e.g. Brick, mortar, concrete, render, porous stone and bare timber). It is not suitable for sealed or previously painted surfaces.

To test the effectiveness of the Non Darkening Sealer we strongly recommend a small discrete trial application be carried out.

Using a brush, spray or roller, apply one good coat of Non Darkening Sealer over a clean, dry substrate, first ensuring that any brick acid/etch cleaner has been thoroughly rinsed off.


Graffiti Magic Non Darkening Sealer

Single pack primer/sealer which prevents substrate shadow after Graffiti Magic Water Washable Coating has been applied

Can be applied by brush or roller

Can be over-coated after 4 hours (dependent on temperature)


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